Road transport

We specialise in road transportation of dry bulk and containerized goods for many branches of industry. This service is essential for any enterprises, even if it does possess own railway siding or harbour.

We have a fleet of trucks and trailors, in which road siloses and chassis for 20ft maritime containers.


Silo trailers designed for movement of dry bulks. Capacity range from 43 to 70 cbm. Each set of truck and trailer is equipped with a device for self-unloading, inter alia, air compressor and a set of hoses and connections. Standard unloading takes about an hour and can be made to almost any tank specified by the customer (normally a silo). Only usage of silos ensures proper protection of dry bulk goods during transportation.


The means of transport that we posses for 20 ft maritime container are especially designed to achieve maximum transportation capacity what is of grate importance particularly for liquid cargoes.


Quality of service and security of your transport is for us a matter of absolute priority. Since 2005 all our trucks are equipped with devices for remote monitoring of operating parameters and their location.